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Female Country Artists 

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Some streaming services such as Spotify claim the reason they don't feature female country artists prominently is because the data & analytics tells their curators that audience support is limited

Members of our team who have worked in data analysis recognize that this may simply be selection bias. This week we observed that: 

Hot Country has 7 slots with female artists out of 52 songs. One these women - Kelsea Ballerini appears three times. One a collaboration with The Chainsmokers. If you’re keeping count that’s only 13% of available slots.. Though technically that’s only 5 women. 

New Boots has 12 women in 60 slots for a 20% footprint.

Wild Country has 19 women in a 68 song playlist for a 28% fill rate.

New Boots and Wild Country fare much better. But is still nowhere near what is equitable. Especially if you consider that some female artists take up more than one slot. 

Don’t get us wrong. We’re incredibly thrilled that Cassadee Pope, now releasing her music independently after a stint with Big Machine Label Group, is the face of Hot Country. But in all cases, the earliest a female artist appears is not until slot #9. 

There is one minority woman. Becky G on her duet with Kane Brown. 

It matters where music from female artists are placed. If not the deck is stacked against them. It also matters on which playlists these artists are placed, if not the deck is definitely stacked against them when it comes to discovery. 

A 10-30% inclusion rate for new/emerging artists is problematic for a genre that has given us career artists such as Dolly Parton, Carrie Underwood, Loretta Lynn, Miranda Lambert, Patsy Cline and on and on and on. 

Today we launch, Taste of Country, a country playlist that aims to give women better representation. We also plan to be more aggressive in helping you discover gems in a genre that seems to have a tough time enabling women to find their voice. 

Taste of Country is not a female-only Spotify playlist. We just plan on restoring balance to an ecosystem that is unfairly tilted against women.

We urge you to play, save and follow these artists *and* this playlist. We need to generate enough influence to prove that the women in this genre are worthy and powerful enough to deserve support on these platforms. Be it through algorithms or curation teams. 

Again, raw stream counts alone mean very little. It’s about driving engagement, listenership and followers. Follow and submit music here that you think deserves to be supported. But do your part. Spread the word.

Premiere: Jilian Linklater "A Million Dreams" from 'The Greatest Showman' 

We are proud to premiere Jilian Linklater's cover of “A Million Dreams” from the soundtrack of ‘The Greatest Showman.’ The song will be available Wednesday on all digital platforms.

Jilian’s rendition of the smash cinematic hit was inspired by a desire to fulfill a request for her cousin’s wedding day.

“I remember talking to my cousin after we had both just seen ‘The Greatest Showman’ in theaters. We were both so in love with the movie and the music. After hearing “A Million Dreams,” my cousin and her fiance both knew it was "their song.” So when she asked me to record a version for their first dance for their wedding, I was all over it!”

The Nashville based singer-songwriter has had an incredible year. Her original songs ‘Time To Go” and “Show ‘Em All” were featured in massive tv/film sync spots on Amazon Prime Movie and even Disney Home Theater releases.

This is in addition to “Walking Stories,” a song off an earlier EP, being streamed over 5 million times on Spotify.

The icing on the cake however was that she was recently featured on an industry panel in front of Bob Boilen from NPR’s All Songs Considered and Tiny Desk Concerts. Her as yet unreleased song, “Break Up With Your Best Friend” received rave reviews.

“It was definitely a career highlight,” says Jilian.

Jilian has been working on a new batch of music with Grammy-nominated and Billboard #1 Producer, Dan Agee. The songs will highlight Jilian's signature stellar songwriting.

"A Million Dreams" and future releases will be available from all digital outlets such as Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon.

Click here to pre-save the song on Spotify and Apple Music.

CD Baby DIY Musician Conference 2018 


We attended a bunch of music conferences last year. There were some great ones. But none was better programmed or provided as much value as CD Baby’s DIY Music Conference.

The conference returns to Nashville again this year in August. In our opinion, there’s not a better way to experience a music educational event than to come to Music City and attend this event. 

The conference was where AHI was discovered by Bob Boilen of NPR’s All Song Considered.  

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