CD Baby DIY Musician Conference 2018


We attended a bunch of music conferences last year. There were some great ones. But none was better programmed or provided as much value as CD Baby’s DIY Music Conference.

The conference returns to Nashville again this year in August. In our opinion, there’s not a better way to experience a music educational event than to come to Music City and attend this event. 

The conference was where AHI was discovered by Bob Boilen of NPR’s All Song Considered.  



BTW, AHI has a new recording out this week and is on the cover of Spotify’s Folk & Friends.

The “Owning Your YouTube Audience” by illmac was another crowd favorite. Great tips and strategies on how to grow your audience on YouTube. 


The sister session “Making YouTube Music Work For You” is another must watch. It’s a tour and deep-dive into YouTube channels and tools available for artists. 


Tom Jackson’s live music performance workshops were a huge hit with the CD Baby DIY Conference attendees. This one called “Creating a Great Show Without A Band” was simply stellar. Our collective mouths were open during the live performance segment. Check it out. 


Also check out Tom Jackson’s Live Band Makeover with Trent Harmon: 


Once you get your live show down, you need to figure out how to book shows. Craig Grossman showed us how to use three proven methods to network, contact, close bookings. It was GOLD! 


Rick Barker’s social media marketing session on how to make $74000 on Facebook Live was completely eye opening. It was incredible value, pardon the pun. 


Now on to our favorite. The keynote session where indie-folk-roots superstar, Mary Gauthier (link) is interviewed by CD Baby’s Kevin Breuner. Complete with a rousing rendition of  Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land” at the end. It was such a moving moment. 


Finally, Charles Alexander from Streaming Promotions & Outside The Box Music presented a session on “Getting Your Music On Spotify Playlists” that now has over 5000 views on YouTube. He even began the session with gospel-revival style introduction. A fun and informative watch. Check it out. 


There in summary is why you need to attend CD Baby DIY Conference this year. There seem to be an even better collection of sessions and panels that could be a huge benefit to your music careers. Click on the link below to receive a discount on your registration: 

Register for CD Baby DIY Conference (Click on Get Tickets and use code MUSICCITY for a significant discount)

Check out the rest of the CD Baby DIY Conference Youtube channel

So stop waiting for success to come to you. Jumpstart your own music career at the DIY Musician Conference. This event is not to be missed!

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